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  1. DarthHeart Apr 04, 2016

    we still have music here after so many years... thx god no copyright or other shities got to me for that here :P

    the SF series is great, they plan on doing a SF2 live action too, real to the gamestory also...

    merged: 03-24-2017 ~ 08:47am
    KOF is going to have an animated series in 2017 ! 20 episodes of 1st season will be about fatal fury leading into the the kof 94 story arc !

  2. Akaiken Jul 14, 2014

    Quote by DarthHeartstreet fighter fan video us up on youtube cslled the SF : assassin's fist

    Man, long time no hear from yah~ yes, I haven't watched it yet but I heard it's loyal to the original series.

  3. DarthHeart Jul 04, 2014

    street fighter fan video us up on youtube cslled the SF : assassin's fist

  4. Akaiken Feb 19, 2012

    Anyone here played Marvel VS Capcom 3? Damn, I wanna play with Zero there D:

  5. DarthHeart Dec 17, 2009

    Merry Christmas to all fighting-game freaks out here

    merged: 07-26-2010 ~ 03:31pm
    hadouken !

  6. ginkumo12 Mar 22, 2009

    street fighter 4 has awesome game play. though they haven't cleared up the most important canon item.
    Who won the second world warrior tournament?

    capcom claims that gouki (akuma in US) actually gate crashied the tournament and shun goku satsu'd Vega's (M.Bison in US) red suited ass. though they never told us who was fighting him in the end. canon guide pros say chunli or guile are the highest probability but i only really see gouki crashing in to save "his prey" ryu as vega is still a very very powerful fighter and may kill him before he taps into all his powers (gouki is a very very super hyper turbo max champion plus X powerful fighter).

    the winners of the tournaments in other two numeric street fighters (excluding 4) have been mentioned.
    street fighter 1: ryu beats sagat with a satsui no hadou shouryuuken that leaves saggy boy scarred
    street fighter 3: gill lets alex win as gill believes alex is the chosen one.

    other stuff

    street figher ex is non canon.
    street fighter alpha is a series of events between sf1 and sf2
    street fighter 3 third strike is a series of events after sf3
    street fighter 4 is a tournament set between sf2 and sf3
    all "vs series" show off characterisations of capcom characters, thats all. ryu never met kyo, spiderman, jin or ken the eagle in the sf canon universe.
    final fight shares the same universe as street fighter.

    my fingers are a bit tired.

  7. Akaiken Jun 18, 2008

    I hear some really good things from Street Fighter IV. Hope they really made the story more interesting!

  8. DarthHeart Jun 12, 2008

    the time has come.... Street Fighter IV slowly emerges... full 3D anime style graphics... hope that the old music (from the old good SF II and alpha/zero I or II)
    I expect great achievement from Capcom

  9. Akaiken Apr 16, 2008

    Anyone here seen Tekken 6?

  10. GearStalker05 Apr 10, 2008

    Quote by AkaikenDamn... group's dead for 6 months.

    Any new fighting games guys?

    Not much on the new games front...

    ...just whittling away the days playin' Fatal Fury Archives...

  11. Akaiken Feb 29, 2008

    Damn... group's dead for 6 months.

    Any new fighting games guys?

  12. GearStalker05 Sep 03, 2007

    ...sounds cool.

  13. DarthHeart Aug 01, 2007

    at last I got the NESTS SAGA on my PS2...
    nice game and you got tp play Krizalid as a normal character, buy still he is just overpowered as the boss...

    merged: 08-14-2007 ~ 08:08pm
    wow, another upgrade for the grade KOF MAXIMUM IMPACT called REGULATION - A... two new characters join the army.... blue mary is kicking ass in the 3D....iiiihaaaaaa

  14. kuroimisa Retired Moderator Jul 06, 2007

    You guys need a group avatar ;)

  15. DarthHeart May 14, 2007

    At last it is out, there just to reach it!
    Yeah! I am already at it, but still have to wait some days till I will be able to play it... I am talking of course about : '' THE KING OF FIGHTERS : NESTS SAGA ''
    Yeah the second installment of the collection specials for the PS2 containing the arcade games as KOF 99/00/01 with the arcade music and arrange mode to select on! People can play on-line too...
    I was waiting for this to complete my KOF collection... hehe

  16. Akaiken May 06, 2007

    But Strip Fighter's hard to play, ne? At least, that's how I interpreted the review on your game magazine (crap, forgot the name, hehehe! XD).

  17. BossMac Apr 30, 2007

    Fukk 'em girls till they're dead. Damn Battle Raper... I remember those days when they had Strip Fighter for the Turbo Grafx16.

  18. Akaiken Apr 29, 2007

    Thanks... I'll do my best to be worthy, hehehe! XD

    Anyways, that's one weird game... I dunno about that one but Jak said he already played it. Hmm... might as well try it? XD

  19. DarthHeart Apr 23, 2007

    yeah, you are an admin... I thought to myslef if there are only three active members ( I mean US of course )... why shouldn't you be an admin too... I kicked out the unactive one and drop you in her place....
    ... ok

    NOW I LATELY PLAYED two fighting games other from all fighting games we play... it is a PC game... titled :
    ---- '' BATTLE RAPER '' and ''BATTLE RAPER II''.
    I must admit that the grapjhic is quite good if you have a strong PC... the gameplay is nice but nothing special... but... it is a 'hentai game'... most of the characters are pretty girls and one man... while injuring your oponnent their armor/clothes get crushed showing us more and more of their beautiful bodies... and at the end of a battle you can perform the SPECIAL move [you know what I am trying to say]. the command list isn't long but the gameplay is not bad, I enjoyed the game till I 'defeated' all of the girls....
    Did you played it?

  20. Akaiken Apr 17, 2007

    Wow... me as an admin? Can't do anything aside from updating members, hehehe!

    So sorry if I won't gonna be of much help, but thanks for the promotion anyway! ;)

  21. BossMac Apr 13, 2007

    Anyone seen Street Fighter vs. Mortal Kombat yet?

    merged: 04-13-2007 ~ 07:00pm
    wow.... we're a 3-man group...

  22. DarthHeart Feb 02, 2007

    yeah the main text comes from Star wars, but in my humble opinion it is obvious thoug that Gouki/Akuma is the father of Ryu.
    These conclusions I made after seeing Street Fighter Generations, but It was already bugging me before... the stuff that he was raised without his parents, got adopted and trained, and Gouki obviously was interested in the young Ryu in SF Zero/Alpha series. They got the weakness to succumb to the dark hadou... I am 100% sure that Gouki is Ryu father!
    ------ and even if I am wrong, I still like the idea and what's more those are my fav characters in the SF series.
    <Ryu Stage theme & Gouki theme RULES - sfa2 versions are the best!>

  23. BossMac Feb 01, 2007

    That's from Star Wars.

  24. Akaiken Feb 01, 2007

    Wow... that's one HELL of a scene! XD ROFL!

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